Folding your Hakama

Put your hakama back together right after training. Tossed together in the pocket it quickly leads to a crumpled appearance. From the large number of instruction films I recommend the following. Tip: the most important hand movement is to smooth it out over the entire length. Then the mountain of folds calms down by itself …

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Buy perfect Bokken

As a beginner you get a wooden sword (bokken) pressed into your hand and can work out your first sore muscles. If you want more you need your own piece of wood, of course, but which one is optimal? Bokken, wooden sword replicas of a Japanese katana, are as many as trees in the forest …

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Perfect sword length

My first Iaito. All Iaidokas remember buying their first Iaito. Then you really entered the ranks of swordsmen. The training gets serious. Sure, a Bokken (wooden sword) is a respectable weapon that even a ›sword god‹ like Musashi used. ›Right‹ Iaido practice is not possible without a sword. The selection of suitable armament usually takes …

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