Xmas buy—Amazon Katana vs. Paul Chen

What panic buying for Christmas?

The big festival is approaching threateningly. Haven’t thought of a present for yourself yet? How about a cheap katana for cutting exercises? Can you quickly order a cheap Amazon sword for $ 200 or should you pay almost ten times as much at the renowned manufacturer Paul Chen and wait for delivery too? Spoileralert: Quality pays off, always and especially hereby.

$200 Katana VS $2000 Katana — CUTTING CHALLENGE

The Paul Chen Practical Plus Katana competes: here comes the test.

> One more word of warning: the test above looks so easy, but taht iaidoka have a clue about cutting. A beginner could risk a breakage by twisting the blade and endanger himself or others. Please do not try at home!
Last but not least: never check the sharpness of weapons with your thumb like that guy! If the blade is really sharp, it might be necessary to go to the doctor afterwards.

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