We learn a littlebit bojutsu over on Thursday. It’s moving with a long stick (Bo*). We practice the Yamanni-ryu style. If you practice Bo (length approx. 2 m), you will understand better how to handle your body because of the large movements. More precisely: one has the opportunity to discover mistakes more easily than is possible with the sword. At the same time, we have weapons training, where you have to focus and connect on movement outside the body. Bo movement creates harmony of body movement and suppleness. This is clearly beneficial to the practice. Bo Yamanni Ryu is now represented and passed on by Shihan Toshihiro Oshiro. As a weapon form of Kobudo, it also forms a solid foundation for Okinawan karate (e.g. Shorin Ryu).

You can improve suppleness, strength and body coordination while booing. Iaido practice trains the same thing, but with concentrated movement. Iai is intense, Bo is explosive.

*) There is also popular practice with Jo (short stick). We are not concerned with that. Learning these techniques is useful for sword vs. Floor. The processes are so peculiar that practicing has produced its own Japanese Do = Jodo.


We are currently working on the following kata (step by step).

Basic level
  • Donyukun Ichi
  • Donyukun Ni
Intermediate level
  • Choun no Kun Sho
  • Choun no Kun Dai
  • Suuji no Kun
  • Ryubi no Kun
  • Sakugawa no Kun

More info about Yamanni-Ryu Bo.
There are many katas waiting for you… 80 Katas with a short description.

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