Hipster Iai

Movie from the category: ›How I wanted to demonstrate my great hobby to my buddy‹ (and he was accidentally stabbed). No sorry, that is hair-raising and repulsive carelessness. PS: can someone let the parents know?

Iaido Sagawa

A good opportunity to lighten the mood in the times after shutdown (and possibly again before …). It was with this motivation that Sagawa Sensei decided to practice Iaido when he came home from World War II. If we look at the Iaido of Hakuo Sagawa († 2004), 9th Dan Iaido, 8th Dan Kendo, then …

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›Ukenagashi‹ lets Uke slip , that is, his attacking sword. The technique is explicitly found three times in Seitei-Iai’s kata, conceivably also in other places. Here is a film with a few Bokken experiments from a awesome Iai Jutsu school (Mugai Ryu). What us interest is the two-handed execution of a kamae. The upper hand …

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Nukitsuke while walking

Seitei-Kata Mae as basis Seitei-Iai as basic school starts in the order of Kata number 1: Mae. It is remarkable. All martial arts prefer to practice standing forms. Often, however, Mae or comparable kata is considered the most important Iaido form in other Iai schools. Can this help us in considering walking? It should so. …

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