Comparison Kata Shohatto Hakuo Sagawa vs. Toshihiko Kawaguchi

Here in an interesting combination of two different versions of the same Kata Shohatto from Omori Ryu are presented. The parallel arrangement of the demonstration (enbu) makes it easier to find differences. But which ones are they? The two masters (on top: Hakuo Sagawa, below: Toshihiko Kawaguchi) are so closed in their system that one may not discover any check points at first.
If you look at certain aspects, differences become apparent:

  • Nukitsuke: first draw and execution.
  • Use of power: how much becomes visible, how much goes into immediate execution.
  • Efficiency.
  • Posture.
  • Mental attitude, Zanshin.
  • With repeated viewing more and more possibilities for differentiation arise.

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