Here is an opportunity to briefly introduce myself as a trainer. My name is Cornelius Lockau (* 1961). From 1986 I started practicing Iaido. Certified training level: 5th Dan Iaido ZNKR, Muso Shinden Ryu. Other: some experiences in Kendo, Shorin-Ryu Karate, Wing Chun and Hsing-I. Best competition success: first German champion 1992, category first Dan.
For about twenty years trainer and trainer in various Hamburg associations:
– Goldbekhaus e.V.
– HTB 1860 e.V.
– Hakushinkai Hamburg e.V.
– SCP 1930 e.V. Hamburg
– HTBU e.V. Hamburg

In addition, teaching of the university sports courses Iaido at the University of Hamburg. Founding member of the German Iaido Association, long-time board member and editor of the association newspaper Iaido-News.

Shuhari *

At the moment I practice without an association, which means that we do not have any exams, certificates or competitions. For me the value of regular, constant practice and teaching is enough because I can reflect in it. The honest discussion of my path only began after I switched to self-employment. This was the most difficult test that I took at Iaido and that I have to pass all the time. I thank all of my teachers and fellow practitioners for their patience up to this point.


* The term Shu-Ha-Ri stands for personal development in Budo. Shu means receiving learning, Ha means processing and existence, and Ri means one ‘s own invention, i.e. the creative examination of one’s experiences. The process can be compared to a lesson: »The apprentice started it, the journeyman can, the master invented it.«

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