Hipster Iai

Movie from the category: ›How I wanted to demonstrate my great hobby to my buddy‹ (and he was accidentally stabbed). No sorry, that is hair-raising and repulsive carelessness. PS: can someone let the parents know?

Folding your Hakama

Put your hakama back together right after training. Tossed together in the pocket it quickly leads to a crumpled appearance. From the large number of instruction films I recommend the following. Tip: the most important hand movement is to smooth it out over the entire length. Then the mountain of folds calms down by itself …

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Demonstration of all standard forms of Seitei-Iai, to be called ZNKR-Iai (Zen Nihon Kendo Remei) according to the language regulation. Demonstration in Kyoto 2016 by Kusama-Sensei, Komei Budokan, 8th Dan (says Google Translate). Can it be that ZNKR-Iai has a calming effect? On the left in the background at 8:34 there is a warm yawn …

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Iaido Sagawa

A good opportunity to lighten the mood in the times after shutdown (and possibly again before …). It was with this motivation that Sagawa Sensei decided to practice Iaido when he came home from World War II. If we look at the Iaido of Hakuo Sagawa († 2004), 9th Dan Iaido, 8th Dan Kendo, then …

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Heijyoshin vs. Shikai

The four diseases Shikai – is there a cure? Again Geoff inspires me in his article: Shikai, (shi = four, kai = Bereich) the four sicknesses are Kyo-Ku-Gi-Waku, surprise, fear, doubt and hesitation. This drastic term is often heard in kendo. Here the effects of the stress at fighting become abundantly clear. I try to …

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Toyamaryu Forms Kyoto Embu

Interesting demonstration 2019 of Toyamaru Ryu forms by Kakuseikai, International Batto-Do Federation in the time-honored Butokuden, Kyoto. The preference for oblique cuts as a characteristic of Iai-Jutsu schools becomes clear (note: it does not mean ›Jutsu‹ in the sense of ›Naruto‹. Iaijutsu claims to train effectively for real combat situations. The Toyama Ryu has a …

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Iai Saito Yoshikichi

Muso Shinden Ryu – Saito Yoshikichi – 2019 Asakusa Kobudo Taikai. Forms of Omori Ryu 1) Shohatto (1:45). 2) Ushiro (2:50). 3) Inyoshintai (4:00). 4) Ryuto (5:10). 5) Gyakuto (6:40). 6) Seichuto (8:00). 7) Nukiuchi (9:10).


›Ukenagashi‹ lets Uke slip , that is, his attacking sword. The technique is explicitly found three times in Seitei-Iai’s kata, conceivably also in other places. Here is a film with a few Bokken experiments from a awesome Iai Jutsu school (Mugai Ryu). What us interest is the two-handed execution of a kamae. The upper hand …

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