Iaido Enbu Haruna Matsuo

Haruna Matsuo 春名松男 (Hachidan Kyoshi) performs in Hakone. He was born during Taisho 15 (1926) in Okayama Prefecture. Haruna Sensei passed away in 2002 at the age of 76. This video was recorded in 2000 when Sensei was 74 years old.

Kata list

  1. Shoden Shohatto, minute 2:10.
  2. Shoden Ryuto at 3:20.
  3. Shoden Seichuto at 4:10.
  4. Shuden Yamaoroshi at 5:15.
  5. Shuden Nukiuchi at 6:00.

(Note: the correct name of the kata is different in MJER, here is just my interpretation of the technique).

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