Okuden-Kata Enbu

Muso Shinden-ryu Okuden kata (= forms) belong to the later learned and possibly more demanding forms of Muso Shinden-ryu due to sorting in the form canon. The good news is that some of the actions are technically less demanding than those from other levels. But: if you don’t master elementary school (= Kihon) properly, then you can’t execute the forms right. If the physical basis is not right, the forms become really exhausting and the execution shaky. If positioning and understanding is not correct, then the form is confused and inconsistent.
We see a demonstration (Enbu) of the 8 seated forms (Zagyo) from the Okuden.

  1. Kasumi (霞)
  2. Sunegakoi (脛囲)
  3. Shihogiri (四方切)
  4. Tozume (戸詰)
  5. Towaki (戸脇)
  6. Tanashita (棚下)
  7. Ryozume (両詰)
  8. Torabashiiri (虎走)

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