Tameshigiri-VR game

Impressive how development of ›Virtual Reality‹ is progressing. Also for tameshigiri practice (trial cutting with a sharp sword) one no longer has to go to the trouble of procuring (and disposing of) bamboo mats or more a sharp sword. However, cutting is a lot more fun with real mats …
Below is a comparison of real motion vs. preview of Preview ›Shibainu – VR Katana Simulator (okay, the hat of that virtual samurai is still a bit ›leaky‹). If you want to see more, you can watch live the work of the developer to see how his VR game is developing. Let’s hope the game is ready on Christmas!

Note: You need a VR-Headset.
Note: Buy Shibainu – VR Katana Simulator, SPECIAL OFFER! Offer ends July 18th.

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