How to Put Iaido clothes on properly

Put on Iaido clothes — complete guide

Warakiri Battosai‹ (= swordsman slashing straw) shows in several steps how to put on Iaido clothing correctly. Unfortunately the following movie is in Japanese. You can get a basic understanding of what it is about. YouTube allows to show automatically translated subtitles with sometimes strange translations. Otherwise: watch carefully.

The individual steps

  1. Overview of the clothing parts 1:35.
  2. Hadagi (undershirt) at 2:25. Tie the right way around at 3:00.
  3. Iai-Dogi (jacket) with cool embroidery from 3:05.
  4. Iaiobi tie from 4:25. Summary: the long belt can be turned over three times (depends on the waist size, this on the training intensity).
  5. The end knot is a nice variant. There are many types of knots, however, ask your Sensei 6:20.
  6. Pull in the belly a little and move the knot to the back 7:30:
  7. Der Hakama comes into play (still with fancy decorative knots) 7:40. Ingenious trick to unfold at 8:00.
  8. At 9:15 the Sensei shows a nice rollover of the fastening straps in front.
  9. Knot the long ribbons of the back Hakama part at the front 10:30.
  10. How to create a nice decorative knot from the remnants of the ribbon at 11:15.
  11. Finally, pull the clothing of the top straight down 12:15. Should also be done from time to time during training.
  12. A few pointers to the correct Hakama length from 12:50.
  13. If you are a two-sword samurai there are hints in which position to insert the swords into the obi 14:30. Correct plugging in ›only‹ an Iaito works well, of course.


One more thing

How to fold the Hakama with cool tie knots (of course train beforehand). Some more things: the meaning of the folds of the hakama are explained, nicely with faded in English subtitles.

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